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Portfolio Features

Pete I 3 years ago in Website updated 3 years ago 3

Thanks to Eli pointing out that it exists I have been taking a closer look at the portfolio features since Google is dropping theirs. 

First, there is no way to import transactions. That is bad.

Second, there seems to be no way to track cash? That is horrible.

App specific: From the holdings screen hitting the back arrow the first time takes you too a blank screen, second press returns you to the starting screen.

I broke my holdings out into 2 portfolios, and now the front page headlines that I rely on to see what is up with my specific stocks at a glance, now only shows the news for the currently selected portfolio over on the right. I guess it's back to one portfolio for now.

Under review


Why do you prefer the homepage as opposed to using "My Portfolio"? There, you can select "All Portfolios" which will show all the headlines across all portfolios.

I like your homepage, look at it throughout the day. At a glance I can see top trending, headlines, my portfolio related articles, and my followed authors. Splitting my portfolio into two breaks that and I have to delve much deeper just to see if there is anything new.