SA agressive marketing

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SA marketing team could realize that the more aggressively you push your Premium product, the more readers will hate SA. Today I saw Premium ads already on top of My Portfolio headlines, which is ridiculous. Pushing Premium banners for half of a screen in articles -- OMG! And you can't just select option "no, I'm just an occasional amateur investor, I won't buy any premium info, I don't need it, please stop harassing me". Making Notable Calls seen only for premium is total BS, as this info is still free on other websites, there's no value-added in it. Such marketing style was common 10-15 years ago among porn and viagra sellers and Nigerian spammers, and now SA....

Menta Deal

I really feel bothered by the TOP PREMIUM PICKS, it is so useless. Is it possible to remove it ?


People and companies promote a product using different tools, and they can't know exactly how it will affect the minds of potential buyers. Aggressive advertising is designed for a cold market. Many people just want to get everything at once, and there are companies that order competent SEO at to promote the product qualitatively and conveniently.