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Make the private messenger better for mobile

WealthHunter 3 years ago in Android App updated by anonymous 10 months ago 4

I have a lengthy discussion going w a buddy of mine in the private messenger, and when I use my mobile (Android) to write to him or read one of his messages, I have to scroll down for literally almost 30 seconds to get to the last of our convo. Perhaps reverse the conversation in private messenger.

Under review


Are you sure you are using the Android app? Is it possible you are accessing the desktop website on your android device?

Also, are you referring to direct messages or the marketplace chat feature?

I guess I'm using the desktop site. You mean there's a way to do private/direct messages on the mobile app? Because I've never seen how.

And I'm referring to direct messages.


Got it. We'll look into adding direct messages to the mobile apps and/or making it work better when using the desktop site on mobile devices.