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Guys at Seeking Alpha, 

First off, it's a great website, one that I will keep coming back to. You have been and are building something great here. 

However, you send too many fracking emails per day! I only subscribed to a couple of things, and a handful of stocks I follow, expecting I would receive 5, maybe 10 emails per week at most. But you guys are spamming my mailbox at a rate of one email per couple hours almost. 

No fucking human being is ever able to follow or read so many emails a day. 1 per day is max. People have a life and attention span of every human is limited. So I unsubscribed from everything you send, probably forever. Get a team of 2-3 people to sit down and think about things. You offer WAY too many email options, its unmanageable, and in the end I suppose 99% of people will throw you into spam. Also, send emails that really do have at least some value. 

Thank you and have a good evening