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Is there a place where reviews of SA authors and/or subscription services can be found? 

In general, SA is harsh to navigate. I want to ask a question. I guess I go to feedback forum. Then ideas and services, the. Now in this post new topic I see post in? Ideas with an almost invisible pull down. There it says for the first time “question”. A year from now. When I have another question, I’ll never remember how to get here.

I get a notification of a response in a speech bubble.It takes me to HDO chat, but I don’t see the comment. On the left I see the number 1 on one of the chat rooms. I click on the 3 dots to the right of number 1, and I get a “delete” option. However it doesn’t have a “read me” option. I’m sure there is a message for me, but SA doesn’t just take me to the message. 


sorry about the typos. I don’t see how to edit the question.