Can you block users that stalk you? I got this bitter guy stalking me.

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Yea this guy, PendragonY is stalking me.


I think I've had several stalkers over the years.  And like you, I think I know who they were.  They follow you around, reporting everything you post.  And with the moderation system always taking the side of the reporter (no one has ever denied this), you accumulate black marks until you end up either requiring moderator approval on all your posts, or your get suspended.

Moderation is SA's biggest area for improvement.  We all know that moderating internet forums is difficult, but SA often seems to go out of its way to do _exactly_ the wrong things.


Yea, that already happened, they started doing the moderator approval thing. I think the main reason they took his side is because he is an author, not a very good one at that though. He makes it obvious he's stalking me, because he kept referring to my other comments in other articles where we never even talked. Also, I believe he was trolling me with alternate accounts, which were relatively new, with very little usage and comment counts.

SA should already know this, if they were viewing IP address usage for alternate accounts. They can't be that stupid.