Missing portfolio

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Jus opened app and all my portfolios are gone.  Please help.  I am still signed in so do not understand what has happened but am hoping all of this can be restored.  Please let me know. Thanks

User 7140591

Same here.  Portfolio vanished.  


There was a temporary tech issue with the website.

Please log out and log back in. If that doesn't work, please choose "Contact Support" in the top left hand corner drop down box to report the issue you are continuing to have. 


A few days (weeks?) ago I lost access to the portfolios I had created.  I still get emails for the stocks in those portfolios.  But I cannot add or delete any symbols - because I cannot see/edit the portfolios.  Nor can I delete a portfolio.

Is there any way for me (using the free service) to get access to these old portfolios?

The previous editor reply (above) on this issue says to use the "Contact Support" (top left hand corner drop down box)".  I have never been able to find the Contact Support.  Actually, I don't even see a top left drop down box.

Please help.