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Will someone answer a question now?

shariw 6 months ago updated 6 months ago 4

what do the numbers in the advanced chart, in the top right mean?    

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Can you share a screenshot and detail your concern.

Please note, we use Tradingview.com as our charting tool and information regarding chart values can be found on Tradingview's website or Google.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha

I inadvertently deleted my account ...set up a new on with the same exact name and e-mail and password. Can I regain the old account? If not can I at least NOT have to get a link everythime I log into the new account?  Thank you, Peace, LAN

I emailed a screenshot to SA Admin.  Hope to hear back from you soon. 

I have no idea what the whispers of wisdom is referring to.