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Limited E-mail Options

kpbarbee 2 years ago updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 1

I am receiving WAY TOO MANY e-mails from Seeking Alpha. It seems that the only way to reduce e-mails is to . . . 

  • Unfollow all of the authors I follow
  • Unsubscribe from ALL SA e-mails

Clearly neither of those options are acceptable.

Please, PLEASE offer a twice weekly digest or something else that allows me to reduce the impact of Seeking Alpha on my mailbox. 

Here's a picture of e-mails received in a 24 hour period:

Under review


We have a few options which may help you which you can find here:

1. People I Follow - daily email containing articles by people you follow

2. Daily Portfolio summary- daily email containing article and news on stocks in your portfolio

You can then unsubscribe from individual stock alerts and/or author alerts. Right now, there's not a super-easy way to unsubscribe from specific author alerts, but next week we are releasing a new page which makes this very easy. Currently, you can do this on specific author profile pages by clicking "Unfollow" and then when you click "Follow" again, uncheck "Get email alerts"