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Log in (username and password) location

andyclev 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 3

Great site.  Can you please consider changing the log in fields to standard fields on the home page instead of using a pop up?  As many others I use a password manager and it fails to "see" the pop up, so I manually enter, a mild inconvenience but an inconvenience nonetheless that could be eliminated with standard log in fields on the home page.  Thanks for considering and keep up the excellent work!

Under review

Thank you for the excellent suggestion. When we redo our login process in the coming months we will definitely take this suggestion into account. 


Please help me.  Love Seeking Alpha, but suddenly my I-pad won't let me in!  My I-phone is fine.  I can't reset my password because I lost the old one!  Please help!  Vicki West