Misleading Tesla article titled: Tesla Q1 Units Release Disappointing


I have an abundance of problems with this article as it is misleading the public and alludes to Tesla being fraudulent. The company reported 40 percent quarter over quarter growth while competitors like Ford reported a 13 percent decline quarter over quarter despite the author implying competitors outperformed Tesla this quarter. 1Q is seasonally a weak quarter for the automotive industry and the author expecting sequential growth would make him one of the biggest Tesla bulls out there. Additionally, the author does not elaborate as to what information Tesla is hiding from investors (there is none especially because this isn't a quarterly report). More importantly while the facts are not incorrect, the bearish conclusion drawn from Tesla implies Tesla is fraudulent and not that Tesla could have performed better. To imply the future might be grim for Tesla is fair but this analysis on Q1 is not only offensive to Tesla shareholders but also to Tesla as a company. The company is not hiding anything from the public and is doing a great job amidst the largest pandemic in the last century. If you could please either have the author take out lack of information provided from the article or have him take down the article, that would be great. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions but this article is misleading the public and does not justly elaborate on why these results are so disappointing. I would love to further discuss my concerns and thank you for taking the time to read through my deep concerns.