sssteve 6 months ago in Website updated by Reuven Brauner 6 months ago 2

On the "holdings" format of the portfolio display, there are 3 columns which should be displayed one next to the other, but they are not.  "Change", "Today's gain", and ""Todays % gain", are all the same thing, just in different units. Therefore, they should be displayed one next to the other.

Lot more information; some useful; some irrelevant. Just look at Ownership....... I could care less what percent of insiders own a particular issue. What really perks me up is WHICH INSIDERS are buying or selling their company stock.

Please return to display values fully as before and not rounded off like 65.00K. Mixing complete numbers like 3456.78 and an approximate number is hard for the eye to read and not intuitive for the mind to calculate.