Errors Accessing Mobile Web on iPhone

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I have at least one person who wants to subscribe to my Marketplace service and only uses a phone (mobile device). This morning I tried to access the Marketplace service through the mobile website using Safari, Firefox, Firefox Focus, and Chrome and I received"403 Forbidden" error messages when (1) trying to login from the menu, (2) clicking "Desktop Version" from the menu, and (3) clicking "Marketplace" the one time I was able to actually get to the Desktop version of the site.

All-in-all, it seems that people cannot subscribe to a Marketplace service using an iPhone? Can you please address this ASAP?

SA Admin Jonathan Liss
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Sorry for the delayed response here. Users should be able to subscribe to your service by putting the following address into their mobile web browser:

Once subscribed the user can download our new Marketplace chat app and enjoy all the features of the desktop website on their mobile device.

Please let us know if this fails to work for whatever reason.