New mobile app = crap!!!

NecessityMadeMeDividendInvesto 2 years ago in Android App updated by Gunnilarss 4 months ago 3

So, now you present new awful mobile app after you screw web design. Holly sh*t!!!!

App is slow, taking much more battery, not possible to find anything, page is loooooooooooooong.

That f*cking awful!!!!

Previously it was short and it was easy to overview everything in just two clicks.

Now I have to scroll and scroll and scroll ... 

Which idiot got that stupid idea?!?!?!?

Seems same as screwed the web design as it same crap. The readability was flash to toalet!!!

You really doing everything to push your readers to leave, are you?!

Also people asked for night mode, so you made mobile app even more brighter, that's just redicules :-(

Why there are so huge spaces between posts?

Why each posts takes soooooo long time to load?

Why app talking almost double battery?

Why you made it soooo complicated?

Why you didn't provide night mode?

Why why why you update design to such sh*ty look?!?!?!? 


And one more.

How can I made font bigger?

So, you made so so fancy sh*t and not implement resizing text?!?

You got to be kidding !!!!