PLEASE REMOVE THE ANNOYING PREMIUM POP UP -- I'm close to switch to another site

pfknyc 2 years ago in Website updated by maillot jaune 2 years ago 9

These obnoxious pop ups are out of control

Seeking Alpha is trying to out-spam the My Pillow guy 


Stop the POP UPs and take the hint - I don't want your premium service. 

The more you ask me, the more I will never buy it even if you offer it for $1. 


Stop the POP UPS 


Stop the POP UPs Seeking Alpha it's obnoxious 


Yes! Please stop the constant pop up asking if I want to become a premium member. If that continues I will close my account here and go somewhere else.


Obnoxious POP UPs never end from Seeking Alpha 

Stop the pop ups - they are obnoxious 

Your obnoxious POP UPs for the Premium Service never end 

I don't want it , take the hint after asking me 10,000 times if I want it 

Enough of the POP UPS for the premium service

Enough of asking me every time I use the site to "Send Me Notifications"