Agreed, looking for a new app


This new look is awful

Under review

we have moved to a new cross-platform view of SA. All your portfolio data and authors preferences will be maintained in this new update.
We're working on rolling out the Key Data for individual stocks soon. in the meantime, you can scrolls down on the main symbol page to view Key Data at a glance in different cards.

I hope this helped, feel free to reach out in case further assistance is required

Kushal Mehrotra

Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha



Thank you for the courtesy of a prompt reply.  I hope that your team will bring back the features users are commenting on in this forum.  I've read many of your comments and gather that the developers are "working" to get the desirable features published.  I have to say I am surprised and disappointed that SA would publish the application in such an incomplete state.  Perhaps the fire storm of negative comments could have been avoided with a more insightful approach to development.  Clearly, the users are upset and not responding well to this version.  Thanks for listening.  

They aren't really listening.