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how to unfollow an author?

dbjohnson2 5 years ago updated by rjm22 4 years ago 4

how to unfollow an author?

The link tells us how to stop getting email alerts.

But, how do we remove the person from our "Follow" list?

The instructions for changing whom one follows does not work. How do I "unfollow" someone?

The site says: "To edit the users & authors you are following:

1. Click your picture at the top right of the screen
2. Select "Profile"
3. Click on the "Following" tab
4. Hover over any user's "Follow" button and click "Unfollow" to stop following that user.

However, hovering over a user's "Follow" button does nothing, There is no way to click "Unfollow" to stop following that user.

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This is what you should see:

Cursor not over Follow button:

Cursor over follow button:

strike that. Its buggy but I FINALLY removed them. Had to turn off adblock and even then it was buggy but I did it.

Should not be this hard.