Ya there's no way to see all the comments you posted. In the previous version, this was possible. 

yes I know that you're just confirming what I posted

And what's wrong with that...I want the SA guys to understand that your assessment is correct because other users are having the same problem. I'm too pissed off about this update.

OK, apologize thought you were being a wise guy...Yup, this is a real problem.  I found a customer service number, 1-347-509-6837.  The guy was appreciative and was supposed to write me back via E mail within 10 minutes but that never happened.  I find the comments are more interesting than the post itself so not being able to easily"see" individual comments is unacceptable.

Another thought, if I get your comment via E mail, why not comments to the posts via E mail?

And why the confirming letters before posting the reply?

how can I see my comment, I forgot which post it was for