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SA system won't accept and email with periods in it??

TrendFirst 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 5 years ago 2

I'm trying to update my email address to my new one, which has periods in it. For some reason, SA keeps deleting the periods. This does not make LastPass, which I use for usernames and passwords, very happy. In fact, it renders it unhappy and useless. C'mon, SA. Get with the present - lots of people use emails with periods. Lastname.Firstname@gmail.com is very common.

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To prevent multiple registrations from the same address, we don't allow periods in Gmail addresses. Gmail doesn't give any significance to periods. Lastname.Firstname@gmail.com and LastnameFirstname@gmail.com both go to the same place. You can read more here:


With LastPass, is it possible to associate LastnameFirstname@gmail.com with SeekingAlpha?

I agree we should probably be smarter about this. One thing we can do is allow periods but disallow registrations from the same address minus the periods. We'll keep this open and encourage others to +1 or comment if they have the same issue.




I spoke to our developers and it seems you can successfully login with or without dots and both will work. We display the email address without dots but that doesn't impact the ability to login.