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Shift Notification icon left

Perkins Cove 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 5

When the page auto-refreshes -- moving everything to the right -- the notification icon (next to "Contributor Center") becomes covered and one can't see it. Can it be moved to the far left, next to the Seeking Alpha insignia?

This occurs when I have SA set to the width needed for the full StockTalks. Each time the page refreshes, I must adjust the page.

Under review


Can you please add a screenshot here so we can better understand the issue?



Luddite here, I have no idea how to do that. When the StockTalk page is narrowed to the width of the StockTalks themselves (both right and left sides not showing) the Notification icon is also not showing. Then, when the page auto-refreshes, the page shifts farther to the right, further covering the icon. Placing the icon on the left side, next to the Seeking Alpha insignia, would alleviate this problem. The Notification icon should always be visible, IMO.

Here is a screen shot...(my first ever)...

1/9/2018, once again SA has moved the notification icon (bell) to the far right, making it invisible to those users not using SA the full-width of their monitor. Recently it was on the left side of the search box, but now is on the right side. Will you please move it more to the center of the page? Knowing if one has a notification is important, IMO.