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I need to remove the latest update. It makes you site almost pointless. The older version is superior.

anonymous 2 years ago in Android App updated by AEronStrife 2 years ago 8

please tell me how to do that...remove the new and install the old

If you find out let me know

they haven't replied yet

they are not responsive to their customers

Yeah, the old app was SO much superior.  I can't even be bothered to open the new one anymore.  And I used to be glued to it.

Under review

We've moved to a new cross-platform interface for Seeking Alpha for improved continuity between desktop site and mobile and the new update is part of that move.
Unfortunately, there isn't a way to roll back to the previous version but I'll be happy to assist you with any feature that you're having difficulty accessing.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha

I am all for new features and functionality, but I think SA needs to listen to their screaming user base that the app is now generally much less usable (interface-wise) and much less responsive (time-wise).  I can't even begin to list all the reasons.  This forum has done well with that already.  If I had to call one out, first on my list would be rotating to see certain features.  That's not how mobile users operate their devices!  Instead, take a mobile-first approach and make an app that can handle rotations gracefully.  Yes, that means added design considerations.  It's plainly clear that no user beta testing was initiated, as it would have been obvious that the approach that was used to streamline the experience was just not designed with the needs of their users in mind, nor with any basic understanding of a mobile app.  I am honestly never this harsh in any comments anywhere, but this update was just insanity.