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I'm getting double email alerts. Started happening on 11/16/2017.

Conure 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3
I'm getting double email alerts.  Started happening on 11/16/2017.
Under review

Hi Conure,

Is it possible you have a 2nd email address 'forwarding' emails into your main inbox?

If you could check who the recipient is on each both of a set of duplicate alerts, it will show you if it's the same email address or 2 different ones. 

Please let us know so we can further advise you what to do.



Is this still happening? Can you please tell us which emails in particular?



Found out it was only happening at work.  Determined that my email rules got duplicated.  Problem is solved.

Note - I replied back directly to your email on 11/20/2017.