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stock price alerts

ntsirov1 1 year ago in Website updated by GunaC 1 month ago 17

It would be very, very useful to a lot of ppl, if you add a simple feature - sent an e-mail/push notification when a price /PE ratio, div, etc/ reaches a certain level. There are a lot of stocks I am interested to buy/sell at some price, but I am relactunt to place real-time orders, as I need to first check if something major happened to said company or general market that would have changed my conviction.

Other than that - great site, congrats!

Under review


Thanks for the suggestion. I will relay it to our concerned team.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha


Krushal, hello. What did the concerned team say. Where is this developemnt in the back log? when we can expect it? It has been two months already since the issue has been raised.


bumping this up! 
also find this super usefull!


exactly what I just logged on to suggest...it would be extremely useful


I was looking for this same feature.  I think on the stock watch list page to add a field that a person could add Earning Date or price that I am looking for and email alerts.  This would be very useful.  I would even go premium if this was a feature as for some reason all these apps don't seem to have that feature or I am just missing it....


Completely agree. This is so basic. I am surprised it is not available. On top of the stock price alert, upgrades/downgrades alert for a specific stock is very needed.


it would be helpful to have simple price alerts under holdings tab.  Simpler to manage in one place than having to use multiple applications.  Notification via email or text.


Price alert! We vote for price and upside alert!


bump up this request! a simple price alert would be a good kick start!


Joining this request.  I'd like to be alerted anytime a stock I follow moves 10% in either direction within a single day.

Yes, price alert would be great. I look at loads of stocks and would like to enter buy price targets, for those that look interesting, that would trigger an alert when reached. I love your service, but this would make it even better.

You can set these up within TD Ameritrade Think or Swim.  They work pretty well.  I would think this might overload or be a burden to the SA system, but you never know.


dh5072 - huge thanks for this. I'm actually just trying WeBull, but will now also look at the others you suggest. And yes, I suspect it might be a big ask in terms of resource for SA, especially as otherwise they would have implemented it already.

It would be nice to have an RSI alert on the crossing above an adjustable Overbought setting.

Buy_Stock = RSI_Value >= OverBought_Setting;

Became a trial user this week. Also very surprised that premium service does not have stock price alerts. This would be a good feature so that users don't have to go somewhere else for this function. 


hi SA-Development team: please don’t push these requests too much down the road. I am sure thousands of clients would be interested in having the option to set and receive price and other alerts.


Is anyone from SA Development team even looking at this request? this is a great feature and it would help significantly to all users.