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Issues Editing Portfolio

Sanjay John 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

a lot needs to be done...the symbols are added randomly even in custom view, and also need to have a way to reorganize and reorder the symbols once added in a portfolio.. lots of bugs in this part of the website.

Under review

Hi Sanjay,

You can re-order your custom order using the portfolio which appears in the left side of all article pages. Simply click "Edit" and you can drag and drop to re-order. When adding a new ticker, it currently adds it to the bottom of the custom ordered list. I agree this is not ideal and we should change that so it adds it to the top of the list. Would that fix your issue?

We also plan on allowing you to edit your custom order from the portfolio section and not only on article pages.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

It doesn't add them at the bottom always, seems to be a bug. I tried adding CRM and DDD to a portfolio of existing symbols and it added them at the top. Also if you delete something from the portfolio, the new symbol added is added at the spot below the deleted symbol. There are some bugs there which need to be fixed.

Once it does work, where it adds all at the bottom (preferable), I don't see how to reorder. It just gives the X option for deleting the symbols when I click on Edit. No way to drag some symbols from bottom to top, or take from top to bottom. You can only delete..no reorder possible.



Go to a news item or article like this: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3314723-amazon-web-services-announces-vmware-cloud-expansion

Look on the left side after scrolling down and you should see your portfolio:

You can then move stocks like this:

ok great..that looks wonderful, but in other parts especially the "Portfolio" tab at the top, when I do this it won't let me reorder, just lets me remove. Please make it sitewide so we can reorder everywhere, and definitely on Portfolio>Data where you see everything in big letters. Thanks

I see you have it in your agenda already, great...Google finance got killed by Google today..hopefully you can fill the gap.