Profile tab under Key Data Tab has gone missing

Sanjay John 8 months ago updated by anonymous 8 months ago 6

When look at a stock, it is nice to know what the company is, the description, number of employees, address, etc. It used to be in Key Data>Profile, now it is gone. Happened about 2 weeks ago.


A screenshot. It was right after "Financial Statements" tab.


Couldn't agree more. Why are replies to this being removed?

I actually just noticed this and came to post a comment asking where this went as well. The brief descriptions about companies are extremely helpful.

I just found it!

Scroll down on the main page of the stock (summary tab), they moved the company profile section to below the articles.

I wrote SA about this yesterday. Just now I received an email my account is updated. It is now back where it used to be.

I have seen that in mobile version. I can`t find overview in PC mode