Exact same thing happen to me this morning.

When start SA, I see the usual startup screen, but no "Trending Articles", the message bell does not work and my login picture is blank and does not work either when I click on it. There is no login button like usual

When I click "MyPortfolio" I can see all my favorite stocks. Clicking on of them I can see all the articles written on them and I also can read the articles, but there are no posts afterwards. Also the message bell suddenly works and there is my login picture. I can even read the private messages under "Inbox", but I cannot see my own posts under "Profile"

After messing around for 1 hour.

I changed from Internet Explorer to Google and now  "most" of the things are as they used to be.

However I cannot see the startup screen with "trending articles" and "favorite stocks" on the same screen

Instead I see my "Settings". From there I have to navigate around... pressing all sorts of buttons.

Now everything is a pain...

I wrote software all my life and this is one of the classical situations.

Every time there is a software upgrade or a bug fix... for every one thing the programmer changes, he creates two new problems


Thank you so much for your help, I hate to be so much trouble. What else do you need to do be able to use SeekingAlpha because I like it very much?


I do have team viewer if you feel that you need to look at my computer.

Don Curtis