Almost as bad here. Very intrusive. Makes it much more difficult to navigate the site.

Same issue here. It's the Brighthouse ad.

Seems like we're all having the same issue. The ad takes up so much of the screen it's difficult to navigate to My Portfolio. The My Portfolio tool is why I use Seeking Alpha. If this issue is not fixed I will leave and use another site.

I agree.  I cant get rid of it.  Annoying.


Gee why don't they jus use the whole screen?  Is SA so desperate for money that 1/3 of the screen is taken up by a ad?

This site is getting worse & worse...

Why is there no replies from SA to all these complaints?

SA's content is dominated by an that suddenly appears and covers 2/3 of the viewable page.  It covers the link to my marketplace subscription.  Even when I scroll down it stays active over approx 3/8 of the page.  As a rule of thumb, when I visit a site that has this type of ad I immediately leave. 

I like your website but if you don't take that ad down that covers 1/3 of my screen I don't need your content.  It can be found other places.