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Turn off analysis notifications from authors you don't follow

liquidassset 4 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Maya Natan 4 years ago 3

I wish SeekingAlpha could create a setting to turn off all analysis-related notifications except those from the authors I follow.  I only want to see news on my names from the editors and analysis from authors I follow.

Under review

Go to notifications settings and active notifications from "My Authors". You can deactivate all the rest.

Hi Maya,

Unfortunately, I cannot.  Let me give an example - let's say I'm subscribed to JNJ.  This morning, I received a notification from JNJ from the author Dividend Stream, who wrote an article and tagged JNJ in it.  However, I am not subscribed to Dividend Stream and have no way to block articles from this author, which is the option that I am imploring SA to incorporate.

Thank you for elaborate on that. Important feedback. We will investigate.