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My portfolios are gone

jsr8183 4 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Maya Natan 4 years ago 3

after update of iPhone my previously created portfolios are gone.  In its place is my portfolio from my stocks app.

Under review

Thank you for your message and I apologize for the inconvenience. 

Please make sure you are viewing the right portfolio

You can switch between both portfolios by tapping the down arrow next to the page title (current portfolio name).

Yeah, I wish it was that easy.  I would check the new stock app integration code. My stock app portfolio (which I don’t use because apples app sucks) is now there (never was before), and two old portfolios (which I used) are now gone.  For what it’s worth, they had different names than the current one so it’s not a naming issue within the code.  Must be something larger.

What email did you use to log in before?

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