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Latest update wiped out my portfolios

jharari1 4 years ago updated by SA Maya Natan 4 years ago 1

latest update has wiped out my portuu

Under review

Nothing was lost, don't worry.

You might be viewing the wrong portfolio and all you have to do is to the switch views by tapping the down arrow next to the portfolio name on the top of the screen.

If that didn't solve your problem, you probably logged in with a different user or even created a new account by mistake.

If you can't remember which account you used to register, please type in the email address you are using to receive email alerts from Seeking Alpha with.

If you forgot your password you can always recover it by entering your email address and on the password screen tap on “Forgot Password”. You will get an email from Seeking Alpha with a One-Click Setup link. This will log you back in.