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Outages on chats on Mondays

Podwad 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Jacob Maltz 2 years ago 3

Basically SA does a good job and pretty well keeps things working on the site and the chats.

HOWEVER  -- looking at the history of outages -- especially in chats -- on Mondays should tell you something!!

It seems very obvious that when you do various work to the site on the weekends that some one does not test to see if they have things that were working prior to the maintenance work  are still working after the maintenance.

Really amazing how many problems occur on Monday  - usually early  - but today mid day on chats.


Under review

You are a perceptive person. We are reviewing our internal processes here from top to bottom - because we need to do better by our users. Chat should be stable again now - please reach out if it isn't. 


Monday's? It isnt working now

We are currently experiencing a partial outage. Check https://status.seekingalpha.com/ for updates.