New format

ajspjs60 2 years ago in Android App updated by koleffstephan 2 years ago 5

Very unhappy with new format,  maybe because I am not familiar with this.   In the old format I knew exactly where to look for all author articles I followed in one place. Now, I have to look all over the place


it sucks. I have stopped using this site. What morons.


The new format is awful.  I have asked SA if there is a way for registered users of the SA site to be able to "switch back" to the older (better) format but I have received no reply.  I used to spend several hours per day on this site.  I now spend less than 15 minutes per day on the SA site - it's awful.  I am looking for a new investing website as an alternative to the new formatted SA site.

Tons of people posting the same thing. Don’t know why there seems to be a reluctance to address that this is a big issue. I’m going to ask for a refund of my pro subscription. I don’t feel the site provides the same level of value after the interface change. Makes me very sad... I have loved this site for years.

Steve Crawford:  I also share and feel exactly the same way you do about the "new" format of Seeking Alpha.  I used to LOVE the Seeking Alpha website and spent many hours a day reading and navigating and enjoying the site.  Now, I spend less than 15 minutes per day on the "new" format.  It's awful.  I emailed Seeking Alpha to see if there is/was a way for users to be able to manually change to the "previous and better" Seeking Alpha format while other SA users who may like the "new" Seeking Alpha format, can remain using the newer version.  I never received a response.  I don't know why Seeking Alpha cannot address and allow users to have a choice of the previous and better version vs the new and inferior version.