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r-jack-r 5 years ago updated by nanoweasel 5 years ago 5

I just read an excellent article about IOTA on SA. Have you considered allowing your readers to "follow" specific cryptocurrencies on SA?

Under review


We don't yet have a way to follow specific coins, but you can follow updates on the sector by adding some of the stocks mentioned in this news item:


I understand that you don't have a way to follow specific coins. That's the reason why I made the suggestion. Given the rapidly growing interest in cryptocurrencies in the financial community, this would be a great opportunity for SA to facilitate very enlightened discussions.

I just did a search in SA on Ripple/XRP and found several articles. It would really be nice to be able to follow that coin as I can follow stocks in SA so that I can easily locate news stories and articles.

Can't you make it possible to recognize coins in the following format, eg: LTC.X, XRP.X, ETH.X? That way SA followers can make portfolios to follow these coins.