Post Comment Edits fail to keep formatting

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After making a post, often I need to correct spelling or add something to the post.  After making the necessary adjustments SA doesn't keep my paragraphs separated.  It combines everything into one paragraph, making it very hard to read and understand. What has happened?

Under review


Are you referring to blog posts or submitted articles? 

Daniel, We are seeing this when  we post comments to submitted articles.

Example: - Use paragraphs in our reply and include a typo. SA gives us a few minutes to edit typos. When we click edit, the editing screen removes the paragraphs and puts it into one paragraph. This turns it into jibberish.

For me, I am on most current Windows 10, using EDGE browser.

Daniel, I can tell you it was occurring on 19 Dec and possibly earlier. It is happening today too.

Here is a link to one article that has been experiencing the problem.


What additional info can we provide to assist resolution?

Hi All,

We see the bug. We will fix ASAP. Thanks for reporting.

And for the record, no I don't live on Mars and I don't edit my comments every day :)


Thanks for putting a resolution in progress.

Some of us have nerve damage from strokes, diabetes and other ailments, so we appreciate the ability to edit our posts every day.

So when can we expect for this bug to be squished?  I know from my own programming experience that I could squish it in an hour or less. Jeez. 

How hard can it be guys?  Editing this post, it keeps the formatting. Why does it and the posts to articles not? 

It is really getting tiring to continue to repeat the formatting.  I suggest you find articles that interest you and make posts on a daily basis and see how tiring it gets.  

Still waiting. Holy crap this is getting old.