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Listing stocks NOT OWNED in my 'Holdings' as Ads is a bad idea.

pharmainsider1 5 years ago updated by rlp703 5 years ago 3

Today I notice that a strange stock was listed in my 'Holdings' and the term 'Advertisement.' What are you doing? Any company that does that deserves to be shorted, and I should not need to weeh through my holdings to remove that junk. BAD idea.

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A very valid point. We are an ad-supported business and so we must sell ads to stay afloat. That said, we realize some users prefer to see a clean portfolio view, without ads interspersed. Which is why we created a simple 'turn off' mechanism for these ads.

Simply go to the 'Alerts' tab on your portfolio (http://seekingalpha.com/account/email_preferences). Under your portfolio holdings alerts settings, you will see an item titled 'TickerMatch', which provides an explanation of how the unit works if you mouse over the question mark and a checkbox with the words 'Disable stock and fund recommendations'. Simply check this box and you will no longer be served any ads within your left rail portfolio.

Hope this helps!

Jonathan Liss


Thank you for the response. I have followed your instructions and hopefully this addresses my particular concern. I still think that a company would be insane to want to push an Ad into a portfolio in the form of actually LISTNG the stock there--right in the middle of actual holdings! That is bad PR and a sign of a company that seems desperate to get uninformed people to buy it.

Thanks again.

Thank you, useful to know this. Was wondering the same thing.