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http access to stock info pages?

tonytd108 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

You recently changed your stock information page URL's from http:// to htps://  Is there a way to access the same content using http://  ?  (As a matter of interest, I use Quattro Pro spreadsheet.  It allows external linking to http:// pages but not https:// Short-sighted of the developers it is true, but that's what I'm stuck with.)

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This option is not available. What info are you trying to pull?

Thanks for your reply.  Exactly as stated in my first post.  Couldn't you do what Morningstar does?  For them, if an http request comes in for a particular ticker, they change it to https on the fly.  That solves my problem (and everyone else who might have that same problem, too.)  I can't imagine that it is a difficult fix.