Newline text processing anomaly

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Since July 20 it seems newline characters are no longer processed correctly in comments. In the past a single newline would allow another line to be shown directly below the previous line. That is useful when showing a list in a comment. Now a single newline is ignored and all subsequent text is treated as one long wrap-around line. New paragraphs still work because two consecutive newlines are used to delineate them. But such formatting is not desirable for lists because of the gratuitous vertical spacing.

The problem also has retroactively affected the appearance of all comments in my profile. Comments in my profile now exhibit the anomalous newline behavior. This makes sense because the profile is dynamically regenerated as more comments are created. I wrote comments on July 20 and July 21 so this anomalous newline processing would necessarily corrupt previous comments in my profile. Interestingly if I click through on a corrupt comment in my profile it often looks OK on the article. This is especially true on older articles where no new comment activity has taken place. That might have something to do with web server page caching. An older web page might have been processed and cached prior to the newline anomaly.

I'm not sure what the underlying problem is but I'd sure like to have this fixed. Many of my comments have a list of "Related Links" at the bottom. Those links and descriptions now look like crap.

See link below for more commentary and examples...




We fixed the issues.
Please notify us if you any problems.


Hi, thank you for reporting the issue, we will fix it as soon as possible.


We fixed the issues.
Please notify us if you any problems.

Just had another thought...

It's been my impression that the SA Feedback Forum is a separate system from the one used by folks to make comments on articles. This provides an opportunity to see how newline is processed here versus in comments. Below is a test list...

First element in the list.

Second element in the list.

Third element in the list.

Fourth element in the list.

Above is a list which has no blank lines separating elements. Newline is correctly processed in the SA Feedback Forum. Both paragraphs and lists are displayed as they should be.

But newline is not yet processed correctly in comments for articles.

Thank you for reaching up again.

Yes, you are correct, Feedback forum and site's comments are different systems, thank you for pointing at.
Each new line is a new paragraph on the site, the same as it works for the article text. 
I see this behavior for more than a year, so we assume it is not a bug and we can't fix it now, but we will consider it for the future.

Thank you/

The fix makes line break act like paragraph break. That's not right. It wasn't this way prior to July 20.

Please fix. Appreciate a reply. Thanks.

When I rated the fix yesterday as "unsatisfactory" it was because line break got broken. After the wrap-around fix It now behaves like paragraph break. That's not right. In essence, line break got broken when the wrap-around line problem was fixed. The technician claimed line break has behaved like paragraph break for more than a year. That's not true. I provided a link showing how line break worked correctly on an older article from June 2020. 

Well, things have since changed. 

That link now shows the same error. My guess is as web caches are refreshed the new version of line break reprocesses the content on those links. Hence the link I provided now shows line breaks improperly as paragraph breaks. It's likely this anomalous new line break behavior will gradually propagate through older articles as web caches are refreshed. 

See a snapshot of the comment linked yesterday when it still looked good. The picture below shows line break behaving normally.

The above picture shows that line break used to work normally. Unfortunately line break got broken after the wrap-around problem was reported and fixed. Line break needs to be fixed.