Notifications are not being updated

john frazier48 5 years ago in Android App updated by MATAD 3 years ago 11

Dear User, do you have the latest app version installed and notifications enabled both on application and device? Thank you.


Please fix this...it's been like 2 months now...maybe more...I've tried signing out/uninstalling/reinstalling several times...nothing has worked yet


Same problem here. I get the push notifications and can click on them, and it takes me to the notifications tab where the new article does NOT appear. It is all old stuff that randomly updated at some point. The new notifications are not reflected in the notifications tab even though I got the push notification.

Doesn't reflect any notification when click on it.

Exactly the same here with Galaxy 7, getting close to deleting app.

I had the same issue for several days after the portfolio page update, tried everything to fix notification bug and only succeeded by deleting the app and signing on as a NEW USER with a new password, etc.  Notifications are now loading as before..


It's finally working properly now.  Signed out and sign back in yesterday .  Latest update seems to have fixed the bug finally .

Still not working on my Galaxy 7,  time to use a different site.

loaded the latest update and lost all my notifications that were tbere.  I still see them on tbe laptop, but the phone will not show them, android 

Also not receiving any notifications .