Android app won't show in recent apps screen.

mabrams8 5 years ago in Android App updated by shaipatel 4 years ago 8

I have to click the icon from the home screen to return to SA each time after switching to a different app.  Really annoying when bouncing between SA and other apps.


Dear User, in case if you do not have direct button for accessing recent apps, please try to use home button  - in order to activate recent apps you need to long tap on home button. Please do not hesitate to leave a feedback if you have more questions. Thank you.

Yes, it has a recent apps button. SA just wouldn't show up as a recent app regardless of how I switched from it (home, back, switch to a different app using recent).  It did this for a while after installing, then for a couple days would appear in Recent, then stopped for a while, and now it appears in Recent again.  I don't know what the issue is.  It never appeared in Recent on my prior phone.

Dear User, In order to resolve the issue please let me know OS version and model of your phone. Thank you.


I have the same problem. Galaxy s6 and Android 7.0


I had the same problem with my Samsung note 5 and also on my Samsung S8 plus.  why does I go away and not able to switch between apps. SA justbvanishs and you have to hit the app button from home screen

Same thing here. It doesn't register in the recent apps list


Same problem with all phones:

Samsung S7, S8 plus, S9 plus.

CabotC find solution, so must be in app.

Have not experienced this with any other app, so cannot be Samsung issue...

My SA app take very very long to load, even if i go from one portfolio to another, or click any stock sticker or going back arrow from sticker, oh my God i.can take nap, it takes so long, however same portfolio doesn't take long on desktop