Google pixel not giving notifications anymore

Chrisonja 4 years ago in Android App updated by SA Aleksandra Eskova 4 years ago 7

My Google my Google pixel is no longer giving me any type of notifications anymore and updating since November I tried uninstalling and reinstalling has made no difference what can be done?


Dear User, this problem may be caused by internal notification issue on Pixel. You can try to check settings on Battery Optimization. From our side we are working on finding the roots of this problem. Thank you for your patience. 


Was this every fixed?  I have the same problem.  Works fine on my Android tablet but not on my Pixel phone.


I'm not receiving notifications like I used to on pixel.. It's quite frustrating.


We have replicated the problem and it is in our backlog. We do not currently have an ETA on when a fix will be deployed. I will update you when we have a firm date. Thank you for reporting


You'd think it would be higher priority than "oh, whenever".

Under review


please try to download latest fix version 4.16.9 - we fixed this bug in it.

Thank you.