Under review

Robot check is much too frequent and on small screens very difficult to pick out images to verify.

sckola 2 years ago in Android App updated by MrRobert2 0 1 year ago 5

SA seems to be trying to drive human readers away.

Unacceptable harassment by robots that are just not up to scratch to identify other robots.

Second time in 3 days that I deleted all SA mails unread to escape robot checks.

Website rapidly approaching the point of becoming useless to me.

And once gone I am gone


Under review

Do you mostly see the captcha when you go back and from email to the site ?  Is this using gmail on a mobile device ? 

robot terror again

after a lull that robot check terror is gaining strength again.

I am fed up getting this several times / day esp. when trying to read the links provided by email.

I the idea to drive human users away as I asked 3 months ago?

If so: Goood job.

Result: you get even more robots because the robots have no cost for their time and the 'normal' behaviour will be measured by robotic behaviour.

yours disgruntled 


Thanks for another robot check. Excellent excuse to save time by deleting remaining SA Mails from inbox

You really intend that?


I get a robot check every time I visit the site, I do have ad and cookie and popup blockers, but they are all completely disabled for the site.