This involves The Fortune Tellers article on Geting Ready for 2018. The site is a mess involving this article ! Yesterday I wrote a Long Comment. I went to edit it, and when I tried to update, the long Comment came back together all crunched together.

scoots 3 years ago updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 3 years ago 1

involving this article.  I tried to edit a long comment on the article yesterday.  When I finished and hit update, the whole comment became crunched together.  After much time and effort, I was able to get is fixed.  Now today the same thing on my Reply to his Reply.  Except this time both my Reply and his got crunched up TOGETHER.  Now they both have disappeared.  Mine is fortunately in my Comments (and Replies) on my profile page.  Can this be fixed?  Needless to say I am frustrated ! 



We have fixed the issue when editing comments would remove the formatting.