How to "Unfollow" author?

TwistTie 3 years ago in Website updated 3 years ago 2

It seems like the author profile page used to have an "Unfollow" button so that one could completely remove the author from the "following" list.

Where is that button?

How can I completely remove an author from my "following" list?



That button should still exist. You can also manage the authors you follow here:


I found the button.  It was being blocked by the ad blocker.

I unfollowed all but a few authors but my profile still says I'm following

132 and the authors are still showing in the "following" list although

the "unfollow" button now says "follow".

I logged off/on hoping that would make them go away but that did

not work.

How do I get rid of those authors from my follow list?