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Comments section from Articles are missing

Blury8 3 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 3 years ago 3

Merry Christmas! 

Please don't worry about this until after Christmas, was just preparing for tomorrows trading day and was reading articles and noticed that I cannot see ANY comments on any articles. 

Even when I click specifically on "Comments" tab displayed next to a list of articles.

I have checked this bug against a Windows 10 machine, and several Chromebooks. All are running Google Chrome. I have no ad blockers, and have restarted all machines several times, and checked for updates on the Chrome web Browser.

Thank you for checking on this!

Under review


Are you still seeing this issue?


Yes, I am. 

Most articles I read now do not display the comment section at all, even though it says that there are comments for the article.


Can you please send me a link to one of the articles?