Can I add preferred stocks to my seekingalpha portfolio?

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Under review

Hi James,

We don't currently cover Preffereds in a comprehensive way. Instead we add ticker pages for them on a coverage basis. If there's specific Preferreds you'd like to see on the site please reply to this thread and we'll get those added in.



Under review

Thanks for the feedback. This is definitely on our longer term roadmap. 

Thanks, I see from a comment Rubicon Associates posted on his latest article he and other prominent contributors have asked for this.  Appreciate it.  Bea

Currently Seeking Alpha covers only stocks, ETFs, CEFs and Mutual Funds that are traded in the American stock exchanges. We do not cover preferred stocks; however we plan to do them in the near future. We have some preferred stocks listed on the website for testing. Are you looking at a specific ticker/tickers?


Hi Paul,

We do not cover preferred stocks as of now but are in process to add in the near future. We will keep you posted.


I can only add my encouragement to provide for the ability to add preferred stocks to our portfolios. Thanks!

we still don't have preferreds and your quote service gives wrong information on some OTC companies.. one example today is a good article from a new contributor,  North Channel Investments, on   The North West Company..  the ticker your service picks up is NWTUF but the correct ticker is NNWWF..

to track NNWWF, I had to put it on my watch list over on Yahoo again along with the preferreds.. do you really want people to go outside your site for a BASIC ESSENTIAL INVESTMENT item such as a quote??

I would like to see MTBCP, while I recently ( since the beginning of the year  ) have started investing in preferred I feel it would be a great addition to already great site, other preferred's would also be welcome as because of similarities to the commons as someone who is retired and is interested in this sort of income stream it would be a great addition.  I would guess tat I am not the only one that would appreciate it.

Thank you



Hi All,

Happy to announce that preferred stocks are now on Seeking Alpha. Read here for more:

thank you so much!!!