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Will there be different payment methods?

Jan Schutte 3 years ago updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 3 years ago 1

Good day everyone,

After using this wonderful platform i've decided to upgrade my account from a free account to a PRO. After this decision I find myself unable to pay, because the payment methods do not allow the once I currently use.  I would like to point out that i'm a European user (The Netherlands).

I find it odd that there is no way to pay with PayPal. Most of the payment methods seem to be American payment methods. That is why I would like to ask anyone on this forum, if there are any plans for extending the payment methods so that I, and I assume many other European users, be able to read many more articles which are currently restricted only for PRO users.

Thanks in advance.

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Excellent question. We are in the process of starting to integrate additional payment methods such as PayPal. It will take some time so your patience is appreciated. Apologies we don't have it up and running already.