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Notification Icon & Style Switching Back & Forth On Website

optomos 5 months ago in Website updated by ~BigZ~ 4 months ago 7

The notification icon and style keep switching back and forth and when its on the larger icon, it doesn't take me to the new messages.

This is what it looks like on the homepage with the larger icon and when I click on a comment, it doesn't take me to it:

When going to a an article, it changes to the smaller icon


Under review

Sorry about that folks, we are going to fix this, hopefully by tomorrow. 

It also removes the “New” comment icon in an article’s comment section requiring you to look at the time stamp on every comment to determine where the new comment is. Very frustrating especially if it’s an article with lots of activity.

Under review

Sorry about that folks, we are going to fix this, hopefully by tomorrow. 

Same problem and is getting worse starting yesterday

- notification icon keeps disappearing 

- forcing desktop mode with iOS (iPad) brings back icon with request to enable Java and cookies

- both Java and cookies were always enabled

- switching between home page and articles seems to cause the notification icon to disappear but looks more like web page is constantly switching between mobile version and desktop version

- I am also not using an ad blocker

When reading an article in desktop (which has the notification icon), then going back to the home page, it switches to mobile which loses the notification icon.

Very frustrating and has been going on now for 3 days 

interaction with website using Safari continues to decline. 

- notification icon keeps disappearing unless you force desktop mode

- notification icon sometimes gets stuck constantly trying to refresh 

- switching between an article in desktop mode then the home page once again removes the notification icon, initiating the “Press and Hold” action screen

- new problem today; could not publish a comment in desktop mode. Had to switch to mobile mode to publish, which loses the notification icon, then switch back top desktop mode to see notifications, which then doesn’t allow you to publish.