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Stocks Prices Are Not Updating

john.t.karnes 4 years ago in Android App updated by rntforme 1 year ago 5

My individual stock prices are not updating in the app today. Was working yesterday. The indicies are updating. I've cleared data and signed in again to no avail.

Under review

We are currently experiencing issues with our data provider. As soon as those issues are resolved this will be fixed. 

My Portfolio and the stock are not working,  it doesn't showy portfolio or the markets.

CYDY appears to be Gaining Market Attention Today. With More GOOD NEWS TO COME. IMO. AVZM

Where do I get up to date info on the div amount, and the Yield TTM, because half so far of a monthly dividend portfolio I put together is not updated. Hey I love your site but come on you gotta keep with the Jones, seriously I will as far as to ask what other site would you recommend since your site is way behind all of these dividend cuts and so forth. I am truly disgusted............!