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Author email suppression/opt-out not working?

Long Tail Of Finance 3 years ago in Website updated by SA Jacob Maltz 3 years ago 3

I have suppressed receiving any email from any author I follow, yet it seems that SL Advisors is still sending me emails when they publish something new to SA. 

Is this a bug in your system, or is SL Advisors violating your terms and conditions by sending me emails anyway?

I consider this spam, so would appreciate your checking into this. Thanks.

The default is checked so that you are automatically opted in for every comment thread as my email is blowing up to the most innocuous report of technical issues as I & several hundreds are having. I received your comment despite asking a SA developer directly via a support comment that was hidden as it was connected to another response to a user. It’s a miracle that I spotted it but despite my pleas for the developers to repair this default the issue was ignored as is the numerous glitches that go unfixed or are tentatively fixed for hours but go right back to an unusable or far less helpful & reliable app that this was 4 yrs. ago. Now the norm is problem after problem &!I say we stop visiting the site until ALL issues are resolved & an email we all can open w/the developers long term plan to resolve the app related issues that the hundreds of comments that are clogging my inbox every few minutes STOP. This violates all our rights so glad to find someone who truly gets it. I say no visits to the pp translates in no clicks & less $, might be only way to get help not for a few hours but once & for all!

Not sure we are on the same page. I'm talking about receiving author emails when they post a new article on SA, not when someone replies to that article.

Maybe an SA engineer can advise on m issue.

Awaiting Customer Reply

Long Tail, I subscribed and then unsubscribed you again from the author to try and force you not to receive any more, if you receive another email from this author, please forward it to me at jacob@seekingalpha.com