Ditto Exact same problem here. 

I am having the same problem.  My email is on an apple account. (name@me.com).

It seems it has a problem with Apple's email accounts. Mine is rest@me.com

Thanks for the reply.  Seeking Alpha should communicate with Apple and find out what the problem is.  It did just start a few days ago.  I'm not big on having a lot of email accounts, so don't want to switch.  Also, suspect that there are a lot of subscribers having this issue.  Seeking Alpha and Apple should be able to sort this out.

Yes, I am pretty sure there are many users that are using Apple email clients. I did not receive any emails from SA since late last week and found it strange and thought my email client was having a problem. After I checked my account, I noticed the warning that my email client was rejecting the mails from SA but it seems the issue initiated from the new UI of SA. Other than the non-recent of emails, some users cannot close their account or change their email. Hopefully, SA will get the message and find a solution. In the meantime, I am going directly to SA web site and reading the notifications. Not easy but can live with it for the time being. 

Thanks for your reply.  SA needs to sort this out.